The Non-Submissive Submissions Race

Irony strikes again!  Just a couple of weeks after I wrote a screed about the words “submit” and “submission” as they pertain to writers, I’ve joined a group of writers from one of my critique groups in a Submissions Race for the month of March.  The idea is to haul out any idle manuscripts, whip them into shape, find potential markets for them and send them out — in other words, to do a whole bunch of submissions.  Points are assigned for each one and at the end of the month there will be a prize for the most “submissive” writer, and another prize later on for the one who harvests the most rejections.

It’s actually a good idea — gets those of us who have abandoned the practice of sending out our writings back into that mode. And because a group of us is doing this, we’re not alone. Competition, conviviality and commiseration should make the process easier.

My intention is to send out at least one short story and one novel.  Have I actually started? No. But it’s only March 6. There are 25 more days to line up my offerings and launch them into the world.

Also, this is Read an E-Book Week at  My e-book, The Friendship of Mortals, is available for FREE until March 12.