Feeling Thankful for…

…a decent crop of truly vine-ripened tomatoes because of the unbroken warm, sunny weather we have had since the end of July.

Day after day with virtually no wind, a rare occurrence here.

Success in rescuing my grown-from-a-cutting rose “Fragrant Cloud” from a near-moribund state this spring.

Aster frikartii “Monch,” now blooming well after being transplanted from maple root infested ground last spring. I noticed that it was getting smaller and weaker every year so decided it was time for it to find a better home. Here it’s sharing the spotlight with Gaura “Cherry Brandy,” which has been in continuous bloom for 3 months.

This dahlia which has occupied its present spot for several years, survived some fairly cold winter episodes and blooms reliably every year. Not subtle or elegant, but admirable just the same.

The first year this garden has had serious attention by deer could have been worse (but too bad about the hostas, daylily and bergenia blooms, pea patch, etc.) All in all, on this Canadian Thanksgiving Day, I am feeling grateful for the past gardening year with its ups and downs, and hoping the forecast for rain next weekend proves to be accurate (because I am sick of watering).

But yes, feeling grateful just the same.