DIY in B&W

Ever since I viewed a simple but compelling book trailer created by Michelle Proulx, I just had to make one for The Friendship of Mortals, the first novel of my Herbert West Trilogy.  After some brooding, listening to lots of royalty-free music snippets, wrestling with an old version of PowerPoint (discovered on an old computer), downloading Windows Movie Maker and figuring out where to put what — ta da!

View it here

It’s also on the book’s page at Smashwords.


  1. Love it! White text on black is so simple, yet when paired with the appropriate music it becomes so much more 🙂 I shared your trailer on Facebook — hopefully someone out there on the wide internet will see it and enjoy! Oh, and thanks for crediting me! I feel so famous 😀


    1. Thanks, Michelle. Also for inspiring me to do this. It’s actually pretty hard to find/make pictures that really represent situations or characters in a book, but the right combination of words and music can be effective. I wouldn’t have given that any thought if I hadn’t seen your trailer.


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