Spring in Full Bloom

I know other parts of Canada are still dealing with snow and cold, or even worse, flooding, but here spring is definitely underway.

Tulipa batalinii

Tulipa batalinii

Tulips have been blooming for a while. The small species tulips seem to do better here than the large varieties, but I do have a few remnants of various plantings that manage to bloom year after year, such as these two very different types

Gaudy tulip (variety unknown)

Gaudy tulip (variety unknown)

Tulip "Queen of the Night"

Tulip “Queen of the Night”

















The first roses of the year have started to bloom — rugosas I grew from cuttings, except this one was an accidental seedling.

Rugosa rose (type unknown)

Rugosa rose (type unknown)

Not everything has come through the winter unscathed. The last of my Gaura lindheimeri looks seriously dead (but I have bought some seeds and intend to grow replacements). A small and elegant blue-flowered relative of bindweed, Convolvulus sabatius, has also failed to sprout so far; I suspect it succumbed to a cold spell last December when temperatures descended to -9 C (16 F).

Those losses aside, my little paradise looks lush and lovely right now, and smells wonderfully of lilacs. I really can’t think of anything to complain about.

Meconopsis cambrica

Meconopsis cambrica


Laburnum and Erysimum "Bowles Mauve"

Laburnum and Erysimum “Bowles Mauve”

May 4, 2014

Back garden in May lushness

What do you think? Opinions welcome!

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