MetalMonth – author feature: Audrey Driscoll

Thanks to The Opening Sentence for featuring the Herbert West Series as part of Metal Month!

The Opening Sentence

As the weekend arrives I thought I’d feature an author whose work might be of interest to readers who listen to hard rock and visitors to Metal Month. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s reanimator, Herbert West, author Audrey Driscoll has created a series of books which reimagine the exploits of West. I’ll let the author explain.


In 1922, Howard Phillips Lovecraft wrote a series of 6 stories called “Herbert West, Reanimator” for a magazine called Home Brew. Herbert is a medical student and, later, a physician who pursues secret research into corpse reanimation – creating zombies, in other words. Nothing good can come of this, you would think, and you would be right.

I thought Herbert was interesting. HPL described him as slight, blond and bespectacled. My imagination supplied elegant, neat-handed and witty. I wanted to know more about this guy and his friend, the unnamed narrator. Since H.P. Lovecraft was…

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