Experimenting With Novelty: A New Theme

When I am happy with something, and it’s working well, I don’t change it. I had the same theme for this blog since 2010 — the Light theme. I liked its elegant simplicity but eventually wanted more flexibility in the way my content is displayed. The number of themes offered by WordPress was overwhelming, so it took  me a while to find one that suits me. Strangely enough, it’s called Suits.

I plan to post more short stories in the next few months, so watch that space!

In the meantime, here is a seasonably suitable scene from the garden.

A favourite scene in the back garden

A favourite scene in the back garden


    1. That bench was carved from the trunk of a cedar tree that washed up on the beach on Ballenas Island, British Columbia, when my husband was a lighthouse keeper there in the 1990s. It’s very pleasant to sit there, often with cats, and at least think about stories.

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