Declining Awards, With Thanks

Even this obscure blog has been nominated for an award or two, putting me into a quandary. Most blog awards come with the expectation that the recipient answer some questions about themselves and nominate some number of other blogs.

First you say, “Hey, thanks!” Then you say, “Hey — whaa? That’s, like — work!”

Which is why I’ve hoisted this flag:


To be fair, I see the reason behind the “chain letter” rule. Blogs are a form of social media, and answering those self-revealing questions and “passing it on” promotes networking among bloggers. Trouble is, it makes me squirm to rush around looking for blogs to tag, thereby lumbering their owners with the same obligation. So now I say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

To anyone who has deemed this blog worthy of an award, I appreciate the consideration. I welcome your comments on any of my posts, and encourage readers to check out the excellent blogs I follow. Scroll down until you see them in the sidebar.



  1. I’ve only been awarded an award twice, I think. On the one hand I don’t mind them because it gives me something to write a blog post about when ideas are thin on the ground, but like you, I don’t like the ‘chain letter’ element. I blame the people who came up with the concept in the first place.

    If you think the blogger awards are bad you should see the ones that do the rounds on Flickr. The rules and regulations are apocalyptic and woe betide anyone who doesn’t follow those conditions to the letter.


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