Being My Own Publisher

Here is my current writing-related to-do list:


Nothing in there about writing anything, or even revising. It’s all publishing, all the time. I suppose this is the best reason for having someone else do the publishing stuff.

I passed a major milestone on December 10th, when Islands of the Gulf Volume 1, The Journey and Islands of the Gulf Volume 2, The Treasure officially became available in print versions, joining The Friendship of Mortals.


But because I made all kinds of small changes to the texts of those two books before publishing in print, it only makes sense to transmit those changes to the ebook versions as well. Unfortunately, “transmit” means “go through the lists of edits and make them in both the Smashwords and Amazon KDP documents.” Tedious stuff, transmitting.

Then I can get on with the final book of the Herbert West Series — Hunting the Phoenix — correcting errors I have noted in my e-reader, formatting, writing the back cover description, arranging for the full print cover, etc. And finally, uploading the corrected ebook documents. The whole series will then be fully available in both ebook and print versions. Then I can finally get on with something new.

Now I begin to understand why it can take months or even years between signing a contract with a publisher and actually seeing a published book. And as my own publisher, I can’t even blame anyone else for the slowness of the process.


  1. And the craziest part is we have to do it all ourselves. At least publishing companies have multiple staff members to aid in the publishing process. Specialized staff, who can do their part quickly and efficiently (at least, that’s the dream!). We have to do it all, and do it well. THE PRESSURE!!!

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      1. Thanks for your reply!! I think for my first novel I might try and do everything myself (at first) so I can learn what it’s all about (except I do have a beta reader lined up, can’t live without one of those!) I enjoy anything computer/internet related so I think I’ll be fine researching how to publish to different platforms etc… and there are lots of wonderful people on wordpress I can ask for help!! 🙂


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