Fiction and technology — a guest post by Audrey Driscoll

Thanks to Kevin for giving me a venue to hold forth on this topic!


Cracked Smartphone5

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about how writers today are steering clear of references to modern technology. Well, Audrey Driscoll, a supremely thoughtful writer, thinker, and gardener from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, commented on the piece in such a provocative way, I asked her to contribute a guest post on the subject.

Here it is, and many thanks to Audrey!


by Audrey Driscoll

baby 167_pejkdjkfdoNo, this isn’t about Word or Scrivener – it’s not about using technology as a writing tool, but incorporating it into written works. Right after I read Kevin’s post, “Why does fiction eschew modern gizmos?” I thought of several reasons why modern tech may be absent from current fiction:

  • Many authors, especially self-published ones, are retired folks, middle-aged and older. Quite often their fiction incorporates or is inspired by events recalled from…

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