#BadMoonRising Day 14 The Friendship of Mortals by Audrey Driscoll #IndieAuthor #thriller #horror

I joined a stellar group of authors on Teri Polen’s blog this month, talking about our horror/supernatural themed books. Have a look at the other authors featured; your TBR piles are sure to grow!

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Today we welcome Audrey Driscoll to Bad Moon Rising!  Lovecraft fans will have a special interest in her book – and what’s even better is there are three more in this series!

The Friendship of Mortals ebook is currently FREE on Amazon and Smashwords!


Arkham, Massachusetts, 1910. Charles Milburn, a cataloguer in the Library of Miskatonic University, meets Herbert West, a medical student with compromised credentials.

Herbert West can restore the dead to life, he says, and he persuades Charles to be his assistant. Their secret experiments achieve success, but with a taint of disaster. Charles finds himself caught between the demands of his fascinating friend and his growing attraction to Alma Halsey, daughter of the Dean of Medicine.

In 1914 West joins the Canadian Army as a medical officer to pursue his grisly research on the battlefields of France. His letters to Charles reveal a disturbing mixture of cynicism and black humour. Left behind in Arkham…

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