publicity image for Herbert West Reanimator series

Herbert in Italy

Herbert West is about to manifest in an Italian-made web and TV series, and eventually a feature film. Yet another incarnation of this fascinating character, in addition to H.P. Lovecraft’s original, the “Re-Animator” movies directed by Stuart Gordon and featuring Jeffrey Combs, and, of course, the series of novels by one Audrey Driscoll.

Everyone knows and loves the masterful 1985 horror comedy Re-Animator. Directed by Stuart Gordon and produced by Brian Yuzna and Charles Band, the proudly unrated sex and splatter shocker based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, won the hearts of horror fans and mainstream critics and put Gordon on the map. And now, 32 years later, an intrepid band of Italians are reviving the source story for a web and TV series.

Death… is just the beginning.


      1. That was my thought: the rubber masks and gore might be better than average, but I’m drawn to Lovecraft for the cosmic dread and existential weirdness rather than straight shock value.

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        1. Somehow I think HPL wouldn’t be too impressed with the movie version of his story. On the other hand, he apparently didn’t consider it among his better works.


    1. Thanks, John. This new version from Italy is supposed to be a serious take on the HPL original, so therefore maybe more like my books. Now, if someone wanted to base a film on those, I would be interested in all kinds of ways. 😃


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