maple leaves, orange leaves, yellow leaves

More Autumn Glories

I couldn’t resist posting a few more photos from the autumn garden…

autumn crocus, fall crocus

Autumn crocuses among fallen maple leaves and hellebore foliage.


smoke bush, cotinus, fall foliage, senecio foliage

Smoke bush and Senecio foliage.


Pennisetum alopecuroides "Little Bunny" ornamental grass in autumn

Pennisetum alopecuroides “Little Bunny” and old stalks of Digitalis lutea.

That’s it for now — we’ve had some cold winds and even a taste of snow (!). All those coloured leaves are on the ground, and the season is shifting toward winter.



    1. Thanks for the compliment, John, but I’ll stick to fiction for now. Working in and observing the garden helps with my writing, and I’m happy to share those observations on the blog.


  1. Beautiful! My smoke bush seemed to lose its leaves without much change this year. No idea why. I love autumn crocuses but never seem able to keep them – my ground may be too sandy for them – or it’s the slugs! 🙂

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