Solstice and Christmas

Here is a poem from a few years ago. It’s not really jolly-holly, but I think the featured image above makes up for that.


The Gardener In Winter Night

Cold rain drips from branch and twig,

Winter jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum



From edge of roof.

Yellow jasmine lights went dim at dusk,

The garden cloaked in absence and night.

The sky flattens,

The soil accepts.


The eye sees black.

Pond water steeping leaves,

Tree shapes flat against grey sky.

The gardener in negative space,

Opposite of summer’s exaltation,


Snowdrops soon to raise their elfin spears,

Violets wet and secret within dark green,


Crocus and tulip bulbed in earth,

Honeysuckle buds held tight by leaf to stem,

Blue poppies crowned in tattered leaves,

Rose canes studded with ruby nubbles,

Moss velvet green between reposing stones.

Remember snow,

And hope.

Consider sleet,


Return to rest.


Image from Pixabay


    1. Here on the fortunate west coast, we tend to think of February as the beginning of Spring. And sometimes it is! But I remember at least one heavy snowfall in late Feb. And this year we just might squeak out a white — or green with white trim — Christmas.


  1. I liked both the imagery in the words and the pictures. Christmas is often in a damp setting, but Life is busying away beneath the ground nurtured vy that very same water.

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