An Interlude on Stage

Discouraged writers, read this piece before you throw away your pen or shut down your “battered device.”


Sometimes I indulge in a Shakespeare play session in my DVD collection, and there are effects on my writing which insist on being displayed….


Stage directions:

A group of folk are sitting, forlorn.


The Commentator:

Speaks:                Good-day to you my fellow Wordsmiths

Why these sombre faces?

What halts or confounds your pens?

Have you fallen out to dispute of

Those five particular sisters

Calliope of the wondrous images

Euterpe entrancing with the lyrical dance

Thalia ever humorous and irreverent

Erato sweet purveyor of heart’s feelings

Polyhymnia, solemn in her honoring of the divine

Spokesperson:                    Well for you friend

That you should still be light of heart

Feel all is worth the business

For us, we see no sign of reward

No one beckons us

And heartily cries

‘Come! We would read your words!’

We sit in small dark corners

And none notice, or care

For our efforts.

Commentator:                   …

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  1. Audrey. I just read a post about the difficulty of getting recognition on any of the on line self publishing platforms, and many unscrupulous people have learned to scam these platforms, making it even more difficult. It gave me pause to think about why I write, but the answer came quickly. I love writing.

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    1. I think I read the same post (saw your comment there), and I agree. There seem to be two kinds of writers in self-publishing — those who see it as a way to make money by whatever means, and those who just want to put their writing out into the world of readers, never mind whether it makes money. You and I, and Roger (who wrote that delightful pseudo-Shakespearian piece), belong to the second group. It’s good to know there are quite a few of us.

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