A Book Series Infographic

A while ago, I read a couple of posts about creating infographics to promote books or enhance blogs. Being a keen user of Canva for the past couple of years, I suspected they had templates for that. They do — lots of them, including many free ones.

Here’s an infographic for my book series I whipped up using one of the Canva templates. I changed the background and text colours, and, of course, the text and pictures. It really was quick and easy.

Give it a try: www.canva.com

The Herbert West Series




  1. Oh, cool, Audrey. I’m so glad you tried it and what an awesome infographic. It looks so professional! I’m going to have to try out Canva. I do my images on Word, and it’s far from a graphics program. Great job!

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    1. I recommend Canva heartily, Diana. It’s easy to use, and you can do things like layering images and adjusting transparency. I didn’t need those features for the infographic, but I’ve used it a lot for other images. I notice you sometimes create an image for a blog post about your work in progress. Canva is ideal for stuff like that.

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