So – we’ve remembered

This is such an eloquently written post, I had to reblog it. Paragraph 9 (the 3rd from last) is especially relevant to all of us.


Dateline – 1105, on the morning of 11 November 2018.

So – here in London, England it’s gone eleven, and we’ve ‘Remembered’. Now we’ll go out and sell more guns and bombs to Saudi. And to anyone else who’ll listen.

Remembering is easy. Putting a stop to the carnage is harder. In fact, it’s proved so hard since 1918 that we’ve never actually stopped. We’re still at it. Families are torn apart, men, women and their children maimed and killed. But they’re not British bombs and guns, we say. You see, we stipulate that our bombs and guns are not used in life-threatening scenarios. So imagine – two Saudi air force men are loading a bomber with weapons for a raid on The Yemen. “We haven’t got enough bombs to fill her up, mate, this time,” one says to the other. “What d’you mean?” his colleague replies, “there’s a…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I left a comment on the original post about how embarrassing it is that we Americans are so shamefully ignoring our veterans who return from Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s as though we humans are incapable of truly caring for our warriors. It’s all symbolism and flag-waving, but the actual hard work of the thing? Nope, can’t do that.

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    1. I think, kingmidget, that the best that could be done for ‘our warriors’ is for our so-called ‘leaders’ to be grown up enough in the first place (vain hope though it is) to be able to deal with disagreements with other countries without having to send in other human beings, on both side of the conflict, to get physically and psychologically maimed for life.

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