The Crux Crew Mini-Interview

Find out more about three of the authors in the Crux Anthology.

Rachael Ritchey

I couldn’t help reblogging this entertaining and interesting interview (more of a conversation between three authors we get to sit it on) between host author Joy E. Rancatore, R. J. Rodda, and Audrey Driscoll. 

To enjoy the interview in its entirety, head to Joy’s website by clicking this link:

Following is a snippet, but don’t miss out on the rest. These ladies are smart, and their conversation is one we can all enjoy. 

~ Rachael Ritchey

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The Crux Crew Mini-Interview

Is it tea time where you are? Are you sipping your morning coffee? Even if it’s neither, I invite you to pour yourself a cuppa and join me, Joy E. Rancatore(JER) and authors R J Rodda (RJR) and Audrey Driscoll (AD) as we have a little chat about writing, stories and the release of The Crux Anthology. We are proud to be part of…

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      1. Thanks Audrey. Although I pre-ordered it hasn’t arrived on my Kindle (10:30am 17th November UK GMT)- I’ll have to check on Amazon….
        Happy reading

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        1. Roger, I’m beginning to think you don’t get any of my emails! 😦 Since you are an author in the anthology, I want to send you an ebook copy. Email me and I’ll try to reply with your download. Would you like Kindle or epub for other devices?

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          1. Yeh, you’re not the first to tell me that Racheal.
            I have two accounts one for writing and one for commercial. The latter is usually full of adverts from companies, the former is more direct with notifications from folk I speak with and from WP, but recently glitches have been appearing. Yahoo aren’t much help telling me to check my Spam, which I do anyway.
            I was going to ‘Amazon’ for my wife…she wants a Hardcopy too!😃.
            I’d like a Kindle…..I’ll check my e-mails….
            Wondering if I should use a new account for my personal writing post….

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            1. I feel so bad! I’ve been sending out emails to everyone. Maybe Yahoo really dislikes group emails from gmail? haha rivalries.
              I’m going to send you the Kindle version! ❤ Keep your eyes peeled. Also, look for one from me about a book cover. I think I'll start leaving comments on your blog after I email you to make sure the messages don't get lost!

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              1. Don’t feel bad Rachael. Blame the systems…I spent 1hr 30 mins last night trying to get Sheila’s Amazon account to work again……llllllong story. Had to set up a whole new set of email and Amazon accounts as a ‘work around’….Oh boy!
                Eyes will be peeled.

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