February 2019 snow in back garden, on lilac and white climbing rose

Oh no! Snow!

I suppose it had to happen. After my post listing everything in bloom in my garden, winter made an unmistakable appearance here this week.

Snow in back garden February 2019
Unmistakably snow

We’ve had a few below freezing days (just below, but for us that’s cold) and icy winds. I’ve been pouring hot water into the bird bath and keeping the hummingbird feeder from freezing.

Winter honeysuckle with snow February 2019
Winter honeysuckle + snow

There isn’t much you can do about weather. The bird feeders are topped up, some tender plants covered up, and there’s a fire in the fireplace. Spring is on hold.


  1. My favorite snow is light and fluffy, falling mainly on yards and not on streets. We had that kind last year-not so lucky this year. But last week of Spring-like temperatures was lovely. Reality returned this morning with freezing temps.

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  2. Where I live we don’t get snow in the valley, but the mountains get plenty. Best of both worlds. The best part of winter is the roaring fireplace.

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