1. Hi Audrey.
        Sadly, although I can get through to you, not so others. The whole site has been compromised by the Spam filter, whose agents response is to suggest it is my fault…..
        See their answer below:

        Hi Roger:
        Thanks for filing that out, however, the data you provided wasn’t a comment you typically would leave on other sites, so I had to do a bit more digging in your case.
        I’ve made some changes that should help you going forward. NOTE: any comments you left prior will still need to be moderated and marked as “not spam” by the blog owners.
        Also, for the future, I would highly recommend you slow down the rate at which you’re leaving comments on sites as that behavior mimics actual spam bot behavior. Repeated commenting attempts and commenting on multiple sites rapidly through the WordPress.com Reader may get you flagged again in the future.
        I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything else.
        Carolyn S.
        Akismet | Jetpack | Automattic

        In consequence, rather than get involved in a long and eventually ill-tempered dialogue I am going to shut down and start again, sometime in the next couple of months.

        Suffice it to say.
        Very annoyed by the treatment.

        Will be in touch under another guise
        All the best, and thanks for all your help and support.


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        1. That seems strange to me. Surely your comments on various blogs aren’t so numerous that they look like spam? I hope you can get the situation straightened out without too much more grief. 😣

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          1. Hi Audrey
            I don’t have the time nor the inclination to be involved in this anymore Lewis Carroll situation.
            Just simply shut down the whole operation and start again.
            Then contact all my good friends, yourself included.
            Be seeing you.

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