Summer/Winter Sale at the Smashwords Store

Every July, thousands of ebooks go on sale at the Smashwords Store. Many are free. This year the store has an updated interface to make browsing easier.

Anyone can set up a free account at Smashwords to buy and download ebooks in a variety of formats, including Kindle-friendly Mobi format.

The sale runs from 12:01 a.m. Pacific Daylight Saving Time July 1st (that’s right now, folks!) to 12 midnight July 31st.

All my books are enrolled in the sale. Click here for my author profile page and titles.


  1. My books are also 50% off, with a couple of them free, in the Summer/Winter Sale. I like to buy your books on Amazon, however, because then I can review them over there. Amazon will try to hide reviews of books purchased elsewhere. Of course, then I can’t review them on Smashwords.

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    1. Reviews on Amazon pack more punch than those on Smashwords, so I’m grateful your reviews of my books appear there. I do like to spread out my custom when buying ebooks, though. I’ll definitely buy more of yours during the S/W Sale.

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