Almost Silent Sunday: Lily “Golden Splendour”

I intended to beaver up a writing-related post this week, but couldn’t marshal my thoughts. So the trumpet lily “Golden Splendour” must stand in for me. It is well-named — huge flowers on five-foot stems. I only wish the photos could convey the luxurious perfume as well.

Lily “Golden Splendour”

Confession: the photos are from 2010 and 2012. The lilies are blooming right now and look just like this, but I have them netted against deer. Our current gang of urban deer eat all sorts of things — fennel and pelargoniums (geraniums) as well as the usual daylilies and asters. I didn’t want to take a chance with “Golden Splendour.” The black plastic netting and the clothespins holding it to the stakes look a bit weird and detract from the beauty of the flowers.


    1. They don’t all like the same plants, unfortunately. I’ve never had fennel eaten before. They’re like us at a buffet, picking and choosing. Aside from fencing, the only things to do are to apply netting or repellent to plants of interest.

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  1. The deer are very bold here. Yesterday I took my (big) dog for a jog and a deer just stood in the ditch, watching us pass. We didn’t frighten him off at all. I usually see about a dozen a day. They like our neighbor’s young trees, clover in people’s lawns, and lilies!

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    1. I guess once there are generations that have always lived in suburbs, they aren’t afraid any more, of either dogs or people. I’ve heard of people locally who claim to have been attacked, although I haven’t experienced that myself. The only things attacked here are plants. And yes, they do like to snack on flowers. Tulips, bergenias, and daylilies are favourites. I was pretty sure true lilies would be popular too, so I netted them.


  2. Glorious flowers, Audrey. What a sweet tasty treat they would make for the deer … I don’t blame you for protecting them.
    I lost my sense of smell several years ago, but it’s strange how I can ‘remember in my mind’ what scents were like and lilies were fabulous and exotic.

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