1. Thanks, Lydia. There are lots of plants coming into bloom still — asters, nerines, autumn crocuses, etc. Then there’s fall foliage, bare trees against the sky, mossy rocks. And snowdrops start to bloom around Christmas!

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  1. And Hello Autumn. Although we needn’t celebrate Harvest any longer, the change in light and temperature triggers boosted activity: gather while ye may lest the thy bounty be squandered ‘neath winter’s snows. So, I welcome the change and lift a stein to Ceres, and savor the aromas of baking bread and roasting tubers. I drink to Demeter who, if ancient rituals have pleased, will bless us with a burgeoning cornucopia cast in rich disarray upon our table.

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    1. Still pretty nice here, Wayne. We’ve had about 60mm of rain since the middle of September, which is nice. Have to cut the grass again, though. So I guess “storm watching” season is starting up where you are?


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