Dahlia (variety name unknown) amid autumn messiness

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Sights

I love fall, so I probably take more pictures of the garden as it goes through autumn than any other season. The first eight photos are from former years; the four at the bottom of the display were taken a few days ago, including the ones of the Amanita mushroom* and the dahlia.

*This is not the mushroom I wrote about in a recent post. It may be a relative, however!


  1. you document your garden beautifully Audrey!
    That mushroom btw,is semi- poisonous. Very few people have fallen ill to it but it is still classified as a poisonous mushroom.
    If prepared right it can be eaten.Many ancient cultures used it for its hallucinogenic properties.

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    1. Oh, I’m not tempted to eat any of the mushrooms that pop up here. I just like looking at them. I knew of the fly agaric’s reputation as a hallucinogenic, but don’t think I’ll experiment. Years ago, my mom and I used to pick chanterelles in the woods near Courtenay. Those are easy to recognize and very tasty!


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