Books: Supplies for the Brain

So maybe you’re quarantined, or in voluntary isolation, or just stretching your social distance to the walls of your own house. Everything is closed or closing, even your local library.

Sure, you have a tottering TBR pile, but it can’t hurt to add a few more books to it. You don’t want to run out of reading material in this time of uncertainty!

frog on toilet
Plenty of TP and something to read!

All my books are either free or half-price at the Smashwords store through Sunday, March 22nd. Use the Coupon Code LH52T when checking out.

More about the books here.

And of course, for us writers, it’s a great time to write!


  1. My husband, who is nearly 92 (mentioned a lot recently!) likes keeping things ‘in proportion’. Our three lads are all concerned and the nearer ones offered to shop for us.He reminded me that he worked (and drove) in the East and West ends of London during WW11 and escaped bombs, doodle-bugs and rockets, and his house was bombed beyond habitation. “Just think how many billion people there are on earth,” he added…He’s very stubborn! x

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  2. Audrey, I just realized I somehow got unsubscribed from your blog. You didn’t unsubscribe me did you? I need three things in my bathroom–cleanliness, TP and something to read. Cute post.

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