Perennials in the front garden, notably Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria)

Gone for a While

I will be skipping my usual posts for a few weeks while I wrestle hoses and watering cans in the garden, and unruly words and formatting challenges at my desk.

I’ll return clutching a soon-to-be-published story collection, about which I’ll have lots to say in the next few months.

(Actually, I just wanted a reason to feature this photo of my garden gate.)

Side gate between front and back gardens with fern and peach-leaved bellflower

Enjoy the days, be they hazy, crazy, or lazy!


  1. Audrey, I love the gate! It looks like a magic portal and a wonderful unusual sweep to it! Did you design it?

    Have a lovely break and how exciting about your upcoming book … I look forward to learning more!😀

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    1. Thank you, Annika. I like that magic portal comparison; let’s hope it works that way for both writing and gardening. We saw a similar design in the neighbourhood and copied it. My photo doesn’t show the arched top, unfortunately.

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  2. As a new writer of WordPress, learning the purpose of posting. Some what I post are wisps and children of pieces to be adults later.

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  3. By the way, a friend I grew up with carries the same as your primary. She checks in on me at times when she can.


  4. Your gate is awesome! No wonder you wanted an excuse to take a picture of it. Enjoy your time wrestling with garden projects and making your words work.

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    1. Too late. I’m already pretty much rooted here. I’d probably be a Garry oak, just like the one I found when we moved here and transplanted. It was a foot tall in 1992 and is now about 25 feet.


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