Perennials in the front garden, notably Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria)

Gone for a While

I will be skipping my usual posts for a few weeks while I wrestle hoses and watering cans in the garden, and unruly words and formatting challenges at my desk.

I’ll return clutching a soon-to-be-published story collection, about which I’ll have lots to say in the next few months.

(Actually, I just wanted a reason to feature this photo of my garden gate.)

Side gate between front and back gardens with fern and peach-leaved bellflower

Enjoy the days, be they hazy, crazy, or lazy!


  1. Audrey, I love the gate! It looks like a magic portal and a wonderful unusual sweep to it! Did you design it?

    Have a lovely break and how exciting about your upcoming book … I look forward to learning more!πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you, Annika. I like that magic portal comparison; let’s hope it works that way for both writing and gardening. We saw a similar design in the neighbourhood and copied it. My photo doesn’t show the arched top, unfortunately.

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  2. Your gate is awesome! No wonder you wanted an excuse to take a picture of it. Enjoy your time wrestling with garden projects and making your words work.

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    1. Too late. I’m already pretty much rooted here. I’d probably be a Garry oak, just like the one I found when we moved here and transplanted. It was a foot tall in 1992 and is now about 25 feet.


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