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Ever wonder what indie authors talk about? Now you can listen to a conversation among three of them. (Thanks to Berthold Gambrel for steering the Zoom bus!)

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Berthold Gambrel and I can’t be Two Guys Talking About Writing anymore because we’ve been joined by the fabulous Audrey Driscoll from north of the border. In this chat, we discuss how we came to writing and decided to publish our efforts. We try to provide some advice as well. Hope you enjoy it, and yes, we continue to look for more of you to join the conversation.

(A side note about my background. I’m an empty nester now, with both boys off on their own. I’m in the process of transitioning one of their rooms into my “office.” On the list of things to do is to eventually paint the walls — which are covered with various things his friends painted on those walls around seven or eight years ago. The room is still very much a representation of my younger son.)

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  1. I just finished watching your indie conversation. It was quite a lot of fun to see you and hear your voice. I was particularly interested in the discussion of self-publishing, reasons for writing, and managing expectations. There was quite a lot that resonated with me.

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  2. You are exactly like I would’ve pictured you from reading your blog — a very nice person. I enjoyed hearing you talk about your work. It was interesting hearing people talk about writing, since I don’t know any other writers. Though now that we’ve moved to a larger city, I know there are local writer groups — but there’s a pandemic too. So maybe someday… Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Too bad about that! I think it went fairly well, although my lighting setup wasn’t the best and I rambled on a bit at times. There will be other chats, I think, so maybe you’ll be able to see those. Come to that, we would like to expand the group of participants, so let me know if you’re interested.


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