Tales from the Annexe: Reviews and Free Download

Tales from the Annexe has some good reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. And Berthold Gambrel has written a blog post with a thorough and detailed review. Read it here.

And since today, November 7th, is Herbert West’s birthday (20th or 134th, depending), Tales from the Annexe is available free on Amazon. Today only, until midnight Pacific Standard Time.



      1. Twitter is my release valve. All the pent up outrage tends to come out in 280 characters. Unfortunately, Twitter also feeds the outrage so I ration myself now. An hour or so every few days, and that’s it. I need my sanity. That said though, Twitter has also opened my eyes to what’s out there beyond my safe, middle class bubble. :/

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        1. I can see its usefulness, and I’ve even thought of some people/organizations I would likely follow if I set up an account. But I’m leery of the learning curve + time suck. I can barely keep up with all the blogs I follow, and then there’s Real Writing (i.e., a sequel to She Who Comes Forth, which is starting to look like a possibility).

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          1. The learning curve isn’t that hard once you get your head around the fact that ‘tags’ aka hashtags, are just categories that help others find your content. So if you want to talk about books you could type #books in your tweet. Want to promote a free book? Type #freebook instead. As you type, Twitter will present other popular hashtags in the same vein and you can choose to use one of them instead. To direct a tweet at someone type @namename in the tweet. You can also retweet other people’s tweets to show you like/agree with them. If you ‘retweet with comment’, you’re starting a new tweet but quoting the original.

            Hmm…I’ve done it again. Once a teacher always a teacher. 😦 Anyway, the time suck is very real and I’ve learned to ration my time on Twitter.

            Oh! I’m thrilled you’re thinking of a sequel for She. Go girl!

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