1. There are quite a few varieties available, I believe, with different leaf colours ranging from green to yellow, red, and shades of purple. There was a gorgeous one near where I used to work, that put on an amazing display in autumn. Part of a photo I took of it pops up in my blog header at times.

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    1. The really cool thing about smoke bushes is when the leaves first start to turn, some of them develop rows of gnarly little marks on either side of the leaf’s spine. They look like some sort of secret hieroglyphs. Hmm. That sounds like a story prompt!

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  1. Tarafina, Tara for short, is a Herbert West contemporary student at Miskatonic U. She hates her mewling mother and is fairly certain her father secretly lusts for her. She’s fascinated with the occult, as she should be, living in Arkham. Walking through the forest along the road to the sea she discovers a raised dias with a cast off carved font, half buried in the earth. She digs forth the basin and places it on the pedestal. Ouch, she nicks her palm and a drop of blood falls into the bowl. Her journey to become the most powerful witch of the Arkham coven has begun.

    Audrey, maybe you need another, parallel story line.

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