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New Site: Writers Supporting Writers

I’m delighted to announce a new WordPress site for writers.

Writers Berthold Gambrel, Mark Paxson, S.K. Nicholls and Audrey Driscoll (yes, that’s me) have joined forces to share our thoughts with other writers. Stop by and have a look around.

Writers Supporting Writers may be found HERE


  1. Yep. I didn’t see a like button and the follow didn’t work on the first page but I clicked around and found a follow button that did work. Ya’ll get it worked out. And now I feel like I ‘m in a secret club! ha ha!

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      1. Oh! Of course. Sorry, the penny only just dropped – multi author really does mean that. Definitely a more complicated design so not surprised there are a few glitches.

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  2. Hi. I just recently went on your site. I just thought I would share it on my page to spread the word to other writers about your site. I was intrigued by your message. Decided to follow you as well. Thanks!

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