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Calling All Writers!

Writers Supporting Writers is a site for writers to share thoughts and ideas.

We extend an invitation to all writers to

  • write a guest post
  • join a video chat
  • ask us a question about writing or publishing
  • suggest topics for discussion
  • read posts, watch video chats, and contribute your thoughts in the comments.

Contact us! Email: WritingHelp2021@gmail.com


    1. I’m glad you’re following, Pat. The site has a static home page (which I linked to), and it seems you can’t add comments capability there. Maybe. WP settings can be complicated. 😉
      Comments are allowed (and encouraged) on any post.


  1. Followed Audrey, but noticed that the blue ‘follow’ button directly below the ‘Like’ doesn’t seem to work. The one at the bottom right does though. Will you keep the home page static or have it dynamically linked to the site’s blog?

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    1. To tell you the truth, we’ve had problems figuring out the settings for the site. For one thing, there’s no reblog button, even though the allow reblogs box is checked. Since static home pages don’t seem to allow comments, it might be better to have a separate About page and link the home page to the blog. Do I know how to do that? Not right now. 🙂

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