1. Okay, but do painters have something like writer’s block? Do you ever have to force yourself to keep working on a project? I know you sometimes set works aside or repurpose them, but do you ever experience a reluctance to paint at all?


      1. Well, I can say from my experience, that at least in oils and acrylics, if the painting is still wet, you can just scrape it off and start again if you don’t like how it’s going. And if it’s dry, you just paint over it. I did that all the time. And, after drawing and painting all my life, I’ve gotten to the point where I had no ideas left to paint. I have to force myself to do my covers, and take as little time as possible doing it. I doubt the desire will ever return. I suspect that it will happen with my writing sooner or later as well.

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        1. I’m thinking of famous writers and composers–eventually slowed down and quit, if they didn’t happen to die young. So maybe we should appreciate our achievements and not beat ourselves up about the inevitable.


  1. Great post, Audrey! And I couldn’t agree more. As a blogger and author of four published books, not only do we battle writer’s block, but we must edit constantly before we can polish our works. I think we do more editing than we do writing. And the editing is the hard part. Thank you for posting.

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      1. Amen on that. After the first draft, it’s usually smooth sailing from there. One motto I live by is that “The first draft of anything is always crap.” And I’m particular so I don’t dare publish until I know without a doubt that it’s readable. ๐Ÿ™‚

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