1. Hi Audrey,

    This one’s got me thinking. I’m probably what you’d describe as a pantser. That said, my stories have changed over the years and do seem not to come so easily. Either the imagination is slowing down or I’m getting in the way of it more, or as you say, the early work is the result of a lot of material we’ve been gestating – enough for perhaps more than one story as we develop and grow psychologically.

    I’m sixty now and seem to be having to wait longer between stories before I strike upon a seam of words rich enough to carry through to a full length work. Then there are more dud seams that are worked out after only a few chapters, and you need the discipline to let them go, or slide them onto the back-burner. We’re all different and I can understand the frustrations if you’re more of a planner, working to a schedule and the words just aren’t coming. But as a pantser working independently and to no deadlines, when the words don’t come it’s fine. Maybe there’s something I could blog instead, and if not, there are always those crazy cat videos.

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    1. Yes, we indie authors do have the freedom to abandon pieces that aren’t working out, or to take time to incubate before we start to write. I can’t imagine being a writer with a publishing contract who has to deliver by a certain date. (Not a scenario I’ll ever have to deal with.)
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Michael!


    1. Thanks, Roger. We’ve had some problems setting up the site; you’ll notice there’s no Reblog button–no idea how to put one there. Mysteries of WP. Thanks for reading and commenting, nevertheless.

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  2. I relate to what you wrote, and I’m on my eleventh book! I’m learning to makepeace with first drafts by accepting that I can only do my best with whatever time and skill I have. I’m writing a blog this week on my challenges with editing, which is a whole other challenge! 🙂

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