1. A very good post Audrey. He’s quitye right too that writing just for the pleasure it brings you can be reward enough. Sharinvg your books is the ultimate gesture as it holds you up to the opinion of everyone else. There are gifted amateurs who sell their books, and the best of luck to them. All my books bar the last one were written to entertain my wife before she died and though I did put threm up for sale it was never with the expectation of dying in a mansion, unless I was visiting a stately home when ity happened. The last book was for my young grandson which dedication will hopefully mean something to him as he grows. I’ve stopped writing now, not that the thoughts don’t still occasionally come, but I think I satisfied the need to entertain when I did it. I know you still get joy from writing and as one of the gifted ones that’s good but we all know when it’s our time.
    Huge Hugs

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    1. I love your point about dying in a mansion, David! Seriously, I am developing an appreciation for the wonderful variety of writers, with different approaches to writing, publishing, marketing, etc. More and more I’m convinced there is no one right way, and I’m grateful for the technology that makes it possible for us to publish our works and communicate with one another. Many hugs to you, my friend.

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  2. Wonderful and timely share Audrey.
    My usual stubbornly cheerful resolve was starting to wilt a bit this summer. These recent posts you have written and this share, along with Matt working on a cover for me have come along just at the right (write?) time.

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      1. Matt is a much sought after artist, his work on motorbike frames as well as prints are breath-taking.
        I though he might not be able to fit my request in but it was worth the wait.
        (It was made before the ‘big’ re-write/edit- so there’s been no delay)

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  3. I agree with Chuck that deciding whether to go “amateur” or “professional” is something every writer should think about and weigh the pros and cons. Sort of like deciding to go traditional or indie. I think of what I do as a profession and most professions have aspects that are “work.” Marketing, for example. Fortunately, 99% of my marketing time is just blogging and most of that is super enjoyable despite being extremely time consuming. And we can change our minds too… perhaps becoming an amateur will be in my future.

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