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Summer’s Finale: Rose, Lily, Dahlia

Fall (autumn) is almost here. We have had actual rain in the past week, and more is predicted. I am no longer a slave to the hose and watering can.

Here are some photos from August, which is usually a dismal month in the garden–tired, seedy, and dry. This year, despite the heat dome of June and hardly any rain, the scene was blessed by three plants: the rose “Fragrant Cloud,” happy in its new big pot, two plants of the dahlia “Bishop of Llandaff” (also in pots), and a couple of late-blooming white lilies (grown in half-barrels). That’s the secret: pots (and the gardener with the watering can).

Rose "Fragrant Cloud" August 2021
Rose "Fragrant Cloud" August 2021
Rose "Fragrant Cloud" August 2021
White lily closeup August 2021
White lily and pink African violet indoors August 2021
Dahlia "Bishop of Llandaff" August 2021
Dahlia "Bishop of Llandaff" closeup August 2021
Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum) and yellow leaf August 2021
Fall begins. Autumn arrives.


  1. Audrey, a vibrant range of colours and beauty in your garden! The Lily in the vase is elegant and poised! Yeah to a bit of rain but happily enjoying a bit of summer sunshine and warmth at the moment. The grey of the next few months seems to last forever!

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        1. I’ve had success with delphiniums, hostas, dahlias and a few others which would not have been happy trying to compete with the maple roots in my soil. And that “Fragrant Cloud” rose is on its own roots, not grafted onto a vigorous rootstock (because I grew it from a cutting). So it’s a weak plant, and is doing well in a big pot.
          One thing with pots is to make sure the soil doesn’t get compacted by taking the plant out and refreshing the dirt in spring.


          1. Our alpacas are domestic, but we only got them for their grass eating ability. Between us 3 neighbours, we have something over 3 acres of land, and a good part of it is on a steep slope so the alpacas do an essential job in keeping the grass low, especially in summer. Sadly they love roses, fruit trees and …banana peel. Go figure. 😉

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