1. Both, Audrey. I have a big leaf in the front yard that turned yellow, but not quite as yellow as yours (perhaps if the sun was out it would brighten up!). And the vine maple do turn red. The Japanese maples are gorgeous too!

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        1. I love Japanese maples, but any I’ve planted in my garden have croaked in short order. I suspect a fungus called Verticillium. Those bigleaf maples in my post are in a park about a half hour drive away; its a steep hillside with a creek in a ravine, and those gorgeous big trees. Lots of ferns too. When the yellow leaves float down, it’s magical.

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    1. I’d rather have a bigleaf maple than the Norway maples someone planted here, or rather didn’t bother removing when they were small. There is one bigleaf about half a block away, but it seems to be struggling. Or maybe it’s just old. I collected some seeds from it and will see if any come up.


  1. What beautiful trees. Autumn must be beautiful in your part of the world. I enjoyed the little video of the falling leaves. It is always such a relaxing sight. Thanks for linking to my blog. 🙂

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