pond bench area and snow

Christmas Blogging Break

I just realized I had no post scheduled for this week because I’m focussed on getting the WIP ready to send out to beta readers. (You wonderful people know who you are! Thanks again for offering to read!)

So I’m going to take the next few weeks off from blogging to polish up the manuscript and send it out. I’ll be reading posts, just not writing any.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and I’ll be back in this space in January 2022!

No, we haven’t had snow (yet). The featured image photo is of a snow of yesteryear.


  1. I hope that you, your family, and all your visitors here have a wonderful winter holiday of their choice.

    It must feel good to be so far along with your story. (And ahead of schedule even?)

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    1. That’s one of the great things about publishing yourself–the schedule is what you make it. I hope to get there some time in 2022, but it is good to have the thing in what seems like good shape a year after I started my page a day for the first draft.
      Wishing you happy holidays as well, Chuck.


  2. Good luck with the tweaks with the WIP. This seems like an ideal time to take a blogging break since many others are doing the same.

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