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WSW Video Chat: We Have Answers!

In January, I wrote a post on WSW asking writers for questions that we could answer in our video chats. We received seven questions in the comments to that post, and in this month’s chat we tackled three of them. In addition, Mark Paxson has added some further thoughts on the question about the rules of marketing, asked by Liz Gauffreau.

You can find the chat HERE

I found Lucinda Clarke’s thoughts about ads, email lists, and newsletters to be especially interesting. They start at about 29:40.


  1. Your discussion about the rules was interesting, Audrey. I blog and pretty much pass on everything else. I just don’t have time. I’d never be able to write. But I agree with you on your point about needing an online presence. And it was one of the things my publisher (way back when) insisted on.

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        1. I’m thinking along the same lines, Roger. Now that I’ve almost finished with Herbert and his friends, I’ll experiment with short stories (although I suspect they’ll be related to one another).

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