Early daffodils February 2022

Early Spring in Bloom

Finally! Some photo-worthy garden sights in this rather drab month. The highlight is a wealth of crocuses that haven’t been eaten by the mysterious garden raider that has decimated the hellebore buds.

Algerian iris Iris unguicularis February 2022
Algerian iris. This is the only flower so far; the first was beaten down by snow and two others were chomped by “something.”
Iris reticulata and skeletonized leaf February 2022
Iris reticulata and a wisp of skeletonized leaf I didn’t think to remove before taking the picture.
Early daffodils February 2022
Reliable small early daffodils.
Photinia after trimming February 2022
Photinia trimmed to an ice cream cone shape (okay, a melting ice cream cone) with the help of my wonderful tripod ladder. Euphorbia wulfenii at its base setting up buds.
Purple crocuses closeup February 2022
Sunlit crocuses.


    1. It does look like the eastern part of the continent is still in winter. I’m seeing predictions for a couple of below freezing nights here next week, so it’s not over for us either. Thanks for your comment, Neil!

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  1. Gorgeous. Our local purple crocus (which bloomed in January last year) finally made an appearance this week. Of course, we had a very miserable January with snow that outwore its welcome by at least two weeks–nasty black icy scars that refused to melt away.

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  2. Dear Audrey
    Unfortunately, we had no real winter.
    We have the same flowers in our garden right now. But we were really happy about the vast areas of snowdrops.
    Thanks for sharing
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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