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I’m chuffed by this lovely review and interview on Liz Gauffreau’s blog.

Elizabeth Gauffreau


My Review

As its subtitle indicates, Tales from the Annex is a collection of seven stories based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West character, followed by seven other tales. 

I went into the collection not having read Driscoll’s Herbert West novels or anything by H.P. Lovecraft. I was very curious to see whether these tales could stand on their own, as well as to gain insight into why this character would inspire a contemporary writer to reanimate him in her own fiction. 

About half-way through the Herbert West section of Tales from the Annex, I sought out and read Lovecraft’s original story: “Herbert West: Reanimator.”  I had my answer: Herbert West is in the literary tradition of the prideful scientist who seeks to conquer death by bringing the dead back to life. Endlessly fascinating! 

After reading the seven Herbert West stories, I was…

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  1. And chuffed you should be Audrey.
    You have succeeded in the worthy but difficult project of taking another author’s character and allowing the reader to see them from a whole different perspective.
    I’m starting to have a sort of guarded liking for Herbert West.

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    1. Thanks, Roger. That’s exactly what I ended up doing in the Herbert West books. The character evolved into something quite different by the end, logically, I hope. And a “guarded liking” is quite appropriate!

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