Red, orange, and green tomatoes, August 2021

Wednesday Weirdness: Tomato Face

Tomato with blossom end rot that looks like a face
One of the first red tomatoes this year. It has a touch of Blossom End Rot, with a somewhat creepy effect.

The problem is said to be caused by a calcium deficiency and/or insufficient watering. I added lime to the soil for the tomatoes and have been watering assiduously, so the rest of them are mostly okay.


  1. Our vegetable garden did not do well this year. Jalapenos that never grew more than an inch long. Tomatoes that produced a bit and then withered away. A handful of zucchini and then pfffft. A few lemon cucumbers. No canteloupe. Not a good year.

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  2. Glad you were able to stop the bottom rot. We didn’t have that problem this year but had some cracking due to uneven watering once we finally got some rain. It wasn’t too bad and we have a bumper crop this year.

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