Shepherd: a New Book Discovery Site

A few months ago, I read a post by Mae Clair on Story Empire about her experience with a book discovery platform called I checked it out, and now there is a page on the site with five book recommendations from me.

The Best Novels That Give Reality a Supernatural Twist

Like Mae, I received an email from Shepherd’s founder Ben Fox through the Contact form on my blog. Because of Mae’s favourable experience, I decided to contribute a list of recommended books on a theme similar to that of my novel The Friendship of Mortals, namely, the intrusion of the supernatural into real life.

The folks at Shepherd were great to work with. They created a beautiful page with my recommendations. The link is above, or you can find it HERE. The hardest part for me (but it was fun too!) was deciding on a theme and finding five books I’ve read that belong there. I can easily think of other themes and lists, so may contribute again.

Best of all, the service is completely free. Based on my experiences, I recommend it to fellow authors.


  1. I joined as well, Audrey, and I’ll share my recommendations in November when my marathon tour is over. They were wonderful to work with and I have high hopes for the site! So professional! Congrats.

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    1. Mae’s post covers many of the details. My impression is they welcome creativity in thinking up themes, so there’s lots of opportunity to find books you’ve read that have something in common.


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