Purple Asters and part of the house seen through Stipa gigantea ornamental grass

Purple Stars, Red Snowflakes, and Pink Frills: a few glories of the autumn garden

Late purple asters
Late-blooming purple Aster.
Leaves of Hardy Geranium (G. pratense) turned red in October
Leaves of Hardy Geranium (Geranium pratense) turned red with autumn.
Nerine bowdenii flowers with Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) in background
Flowers of Nerine bowdenii, also called Guernsey Lily. Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) in background.


    1. Everything was late this year, including fall! We’re getting lots of rain now (as I imagine you are too), but many trees are still green and flowers are hanging on. It’s getting cool, though, but those final blooms are showing persistence!

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