1. I see the occasional sale at the Smash store, but not a deluge. I have noticed that during their sales in March, July, and December, free books get picked up enthusiastically, but priced books, even at reduced prices, don’t do so well.

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  1. I began my ‘Indie’ journey with smash over ten years ago. I always found smash’s site clunky but thought that was how it had to be. When D2D arrived I gave them a try and they had clearly taken what Smash had and improved it. For old times sake I left a few freebies with smash but used D2D for the rest. I’m not sure why D2D need / want smash but I can only assume it’s all good. Having now published a ridiculous amount of stuff over the years and had some modest reward for it, I’m concentrating on oil painting now, but should I have anything new to write I’ll go to D2D and let them do their magic. My readers are mostly at Apple these days, Amazon almost insignificant for me. Happy writing, folks.

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    1. I’ve never used D2D, but if I publish anything else, I will get a chance to try their platform. I think what D2D is getting from the merger is the ebook retail outlet.
      Thanks for your comments, Gary!


    1. I doubt it. Smashwords and D2D distribute to pretty much the same markets, and as long as Amazon has the exclusivity requirement for KU, many authors will stay with them. But for those who want to go wide, the publishing process may be simpler with D2D’s process.

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    1. I haven’t used D2D, but I understand their publishing process is simpler than formatting a document for Smashwords’ “meat grinder,” which many find to be a tough experience. I’ve managed to get through it multiple times with only minimal frustration. I guess I’ll see how D2D works when I publish something new (which may be a while).

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  2. I’ve been an Indie since around 2010 and before the likes of smash, then D2D, I was trying the, mail three chapters and a synopsis, then wait three months for the rejection letter. Smash was a brilliant concept with much thanks to Mark Coker for that, but it was always ‘clunky’. I still have a bunch of titles with them, mostly for old times sake. Began a cautious journey with D2D which was an interesting journey, and now any new titles I put with them simply because it is a lot less stressful. Still format properly before submitting, though. Now with the merger with smash, only good will come of it. The world domination by Amazon will not be threatened. They were the ones who snatched it away from Barnes and Noble who didn’t really have a clue what to do with it all at the time. I hated the kindle unlimited concept of Amazon when it came out and my growing sales nosedived when it came into being, never to recover. I confess to eventually giving in and trying KU for a short while but I soon dropped the shackles and continued with D2D. With 35+ full length titles out there, as my 70th birthday approaches, I’m not sure how many books I have in me. If one pops out I’ll go with D2D. I’m interested in the new Audio book deal D2D has announced with Apple, especially if I can do it for free. If that happens, I’ll let you know how it went.

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