January 2023 New Year sunrise

Winter Sunrise and Winter Jasmine

Are winter sunrises more dramatic than those of summer, or is it that we notice them because they happen later, when most of us are awake and up to see them?

Winter sunrise January 2023
This pink sunrise happened on January 2nd, 2023.
Waning moon and rising sun January 19, 2023
On January 19th, 2023, the final crescent of the old moon rose shortly before the sun. If you look hard, you can see the tiny sliver of moon just to the right of the bottom of the tree trunk. (Or maybe you can’t, in which case my apologies for the poor quality of the photo.)
Winter jasmine January 2023
Maybe because of the drought last September and October, or the cold weather in November and December, the winter jasmine bloomed late, but it’s beautiful right now.

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  1. I’ll take a sunrise whenever and wherever I can get one. I like winter sunrises because the bare trees allow me to see more of it. I didn’t know that jasmine blooms in the winter. Your jasmine blooms are lovely. Do they have the same fragrance as the white jasmine?

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      1. So much seems to be symbolic as well as physical at the moment. Yesterday, on the day of the first new moon of the year, I learnt that the moon was closer to the Earth than it has been for nearly 1000 years. Astrologically the new moon happened at 1 degree of Aquarius – is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius 🙂

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