Blog Repair

I’m delighted to be able to reblog this post in the normal way. Here’s hoping that the WSW blog will be more functional now.

Writers Supporting Writers

by Audrey Driscoll

Ever since we set up the Writers Supporting Writers Blog, there have been a few problems with it. Despite the settings, there was no Reblog button. No one but blog authors could Like posts. Follows didn’t work.

I’ve been fiddling around with the settings, and have finally managed to add the Reblog button. I’ve also seen a few additional Likes on the previous post, so I hope that’s working as well.

As for Follows, does anyone see a Follow button in the lower right corner? Most blogs seem to have these. Has anyone tried to follow this blog without success?

Please test the Like, Follow, or Reblog functions, and let us know what happens via a comment. No, this isn’t a sneaky scheme to attract follows!

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  1. Hi Audrey, glad to see you’re making progress! FWIW, I’m on the WP mobile app on Android. I clicked the link in today’s post, and was able to “like” but the “share this” options do not mention reblog and there is no standalone button for reblog. Hope this helps. Good luck!


    1. I think you can find the Follow button at the bottom of the page found with the key combination of Ctrl + End. Alternatively, just scroll down a bit and then up a bit. A Follow button may appear magically on the bottom right of the screen. That’s what I look for when I want to follow a blog.


  2. Im so glad you are back in order Audery. I do see them in the right hand corner. I’m not opening your original post because sometimes it takes me out of where I am in my line up to read. I always wonder why some go to the original post. i will come back later to respond. ❣️

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    1. Actually, the Writers Supporting Writers blog is the one that has had problems. I reblogged the post on my own blog hoping readers would go to the WSW blog and test the features that are now working. I’m getting confused just describing it! 😃


  3. Settings are crazy… things don’t work how they should and blogs not even showing for viewing… 🤷🏽‍♀️ made changes one time in 7-8 years and it’s still not working as it was.

    Good luck and if you find a fix let me know lol

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  4. Hi Audrey. Is the WSW blog on WordPress? If it is, I wonder if the problem is with the template itself. One way to test that would be to setup a test blog using a different template just to see if it functions the way it should.

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    1. Yes, it’s on WP. You can see the original post via the link at the bottom of the one on my blog. I was actually able to reblog that WSW post for the first time!
      It’s actually working better now. People can Like posts, and our follower number has doubled!

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  5. Good for you for getting this figured out, Audrey. I was able to “like.” I didn’t see a “reblog” button or a “follow” button in the lower right, but there is a “Follow this blog” under the “likes.” Good for you for working on this.

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