Nature Photo Challenge: Pink

This week’s challenge by Denzil is pinkness. I found several relatively recent photos in my Media Library without much effort. Mostly flowers, of course.

Nerine bowdenii flowers with Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) in background
Pink nerines
Pink tulip close-up
Tulip. Undoubtedly pink!
Hellebores and Pieris japonica new foliage
Pink pieris foliage
Lamprocapnos spectabilis, Dicentra spectabilis, Bleeding Heart
Bleeding heart
Pink oriental lily, last lily of 2021
Oriental lily
Pink lacecap hydrangea July 2021
Rose "Fragrant Cloud" bloom bleached by sun during June 2021 heat wave
Rose “Fragant Cloud” bleached by the heat dome of June 2021. It should not be pink!
Hellebore "Pirouette" flower closeup
Hellebore “Pirouette”
Pink winter sunrise
Pink sunrise


    1. Thanks, Denzil. I wasn’t going to do a post this time because my photos are strictly amateur, but then I had a look at the Media Library and saw all these pink shots.
      It took a while to get nerines established here, but they’re reliable now. They do look frilly!

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    1. Thanks, Suzanne. That third photo actually shows 3 different plants. The one with the pink leaves is Pieris japonica. It has clusters of little urn-shaped white flowers, but mine is in a bad spot and doesn’t bloom reliably. To its left is a Corsican hellebore with its green flowers. There are also a couple of dull pink hellebore flowers poking up there.
      My photos always show the plants that are doing well and at their best, so the big picture isn’t always impressive. 🙂

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      1. Thanks Audrey. It was the one with the pink leaves that caught my attention. I’ve seen it before but never known its name. Thanks for all this information. I’m only gardening in pots at present and have a tiny place to put them. It’s lovely to look at photos of your garden. 🙂

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