Tweedia flower and flower bud with Anthurium in background

Tweedia in Bloom!

While the hellebores outside were experiencing snow on February 28th…

Hellebores in bloom with snow February 28, 2023

The Tweedia (Oxypetalum coeruleum) indoors was also preparing to bloom. And now it has…

Tweedia flower and flower bud

The single flower is like a little blue star. And there is a second one in bud.

Tweedia flower and flower bud

This is a nice surprise, since I didn’t expect to see blooms before summer.


    1. That’s the one. It’s been living inside since fall, and managed to ripen 3 seed pods from last summer’s flowers. So I’m going to grow some extra plants and see if they’ll survive the winter. Didn’t want to take a chance when I had only the one.


    1. It is right now. I’ll move it outside when the weather warms up. It’s native to parts of South America and can’t handle frost. I understand it may survive winters in some spots in Zone 8, but I didn’t want to take a chance while it was the only plant I have. I plan to grow some extras from the seeds it produced and see how those will do outside year round. Eventually. (One of the gardener’s favourite words.)


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