Perennial bed on west side of house, looking north

I’m in the Garden

Gardeners can buy cute little signs that tell burglars people who knock at the door where they are. I don’t have one of those signs, but if I did, I’d hang it on the blog.

It looks like spring has finally arrived.

Snow is a distant memory.

Crocuses and daffodils are blooming.

Purple crocuses closeup February 2022
Early daffodils February 2022

Much needs to be done.

Admire the hellebores, which are in full bloom.

Hellebore "Ruby Wine"

Lay out the soaker hoses. Remember the drought of 2022?

Old black rubber soaker hose coiled up

Start seeds indoors.

Tomato seeds and seed packages

And then there’s edging, mixing and spreading compost and mulch, moving plants around, applying deer repellant, preparing pots for tomatoes—and peppers this year!

So if you notice fewer posts here in the next few weeks, it’s because I’m in the garden.

Back garden
It’s not quite like this yet, but soon!


  1. I’m itching to get my miniscule patch planted up but have to resist it for another month to make sure frost doesn’t undo it all. I’ve a bag of mixed summer bulbs and ten lavender plants on the way for large containers. A big box of mixed wild seeds will do the rest. Hopefully my large clay dragon sculpture will be ready to fend off the burglars otherwise I’ll have to rely on my killer goldfish to scare the bejeebers out of them.

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  2. Great place to be this time of year, Audrey. We drove out in the country and saw peach trees in bloom and red buds (which are also known as Judas trees) which normally do not bloom until April. We are also having our coldest week since Christmas so Winter is enjoying punching Spring in her tender bud.

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      1. If it gets down in the teens or twenties for a few hours it can kill the fruit on trees, bushes or vines. Our winter was so mild that many things are blooming ahead of schedule. We have been known to have frost as late as Mothers Day in May.

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  3. Love that name “hell-boars” (even if you pronounce it differently).

    – He cracked his whip above the heads of his team of hell-boars. They squealed frantically, their wild eyes darting to the shadows, but escape was impossible. Their chains bound them in a tight phalanx, two by two by two. The drayman shrieked and whistled and cracked his whip. The boars drove deeper into the tunnel. They pulled a draught-wagon bound for Hades. The Devil was thirsty and demanded his hellish brew.

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  4. I’ve just filled a huge plastic pot ready for the fifty mixed summer bulbs which should arrive in the next day or so. It should be a great display. I noticed a fat bumblebee whiz by earlier on so she should appreciate the flowers.

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  5. We are alternating between sunshine and dreary grey rainy days, but that is what the garden needs. Lots of plants that normally survive our mild winter just keeled over after the long hard frosts. But bulbs are out and other plants coming back to life and I keep filling gaps with primulas for instant colour.

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    1. I envy you the rain; we’ve had a fairly dry (although cold) winter, and it looks like spring will be dry as well.
      I’m thankful for bulbs. They come through anything and are a reliable source of spring colour.

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  6. One last winter blast due over the next 2 days, then I can finally plant out. Four different bulbs for summer flowers to go in my big pot, wildflower seeds around the pool. All this on Wednesday when nice weather heading our way.

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