Science or Magic image for Herbert West Series

A New Cover Image…

…for The Herbert West Series Complete. It’s a so-called “box set” of all four ebooks of the series, available on Amazon and other ebook stores.

This is the old image.

The Herbert West Series Complete ebook cover image

The colours are associated with alchemy (which has a symbolic role in the books): black, white, yellow, and red. The caduceus represents the main character’s role as a physician.

Despite all that, I thought the image wasn’t interesting enough, and the font (Cinzel), although slender and elegant, did not show up well in thumbnails.

So after days spent in the garden, digging, raking, pounding stakes, and ripping out unwanted plants, I put together a new image:

The Herbert West Series Complete new cover March 2023

Okay, the font I chose (IM Fell English Small Caps) isn’t all that much more visible in thumbnail sizes than Cinzel, but it suits the image better than some blocky sans-serif fonts I tried.

The image is based on others I played around with in the past year, like these:

Herbert West Series A plus image
Science or Magic image for Herbert West Series


  1. The previous cover was always, for me, an arresting sombre homage to the original inspirations.
    This new cover is Audrey Driscoll’s journey in taking that original; expanding upon its first threads, melding in her own style of writing and blossoming forth the series.
    Own it Audrey, own it.

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        1. I find that to like comments I have to try 2 or 3 times. A popup pops up once or twice, followed by success. I dont know why this happens, but thanks for adding a comment instead. 😃


          1. I’ve tried liking your comment (which works more often than clicking like on your like under your comment on you page) and I have also tried hitting the like button multiple times.) No luck on like.

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  2. I like the new cover a lot. More importantly, this is what being an author/publisher is all about; having the ability to experiment and tinker with your work to discover what works, because you own your work.

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