Nature Photo Challenge #7: Tulips and Magnolias

The latest challenge from Denzil Nature.

Pink Magnolia at UVic's Finnerty Gardens
Magnolia (variety name unknown to me) at the University of Victoria’s Finnerty Gardens
Lily-flowered magnolia "Susan" in April 2014
Lily-flowered magnolia “Susan” in my garden, April 2018
Pink and white double tulip, yellow centre, closeup
Double tulip in 2022; now apparently deceased. Or perhaps moved inadvertently.
Dark pink tulips, formerly almost white
Tulipa batalinii
Tulipa batalinii


        1. Oh yes! Double tulips that look like peonies, tulips with fringed petals, etc. Purists disapprove, of course. I have a few of these odd types, but most of my tulips are either the traditional type or species.


      1. My mom used to grow tulips and she told me that eventually they degrade and vanish. She used to add new ones to the old so her garden was always full. I’ve stayed with daffodils since they seem to come back year after year. 🙂

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